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Olaf meet 'n greet at MVMCP


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Aaaanndd...... I will totally be at Disney on my birthday IF this happens. I'm not much of a character lover - I'm glad they're there for my kids, but not overly excited for myself BUT Olaf? Olaf I'd totally stand in line to meet, even if my kids don't want to meet him. :) I guess it's too much to hope for but I'd LOVE IT if he was interactive. Can you imagine all the amazing one liners?

Acutally, I guess it's all too much to hope for until someone confirms this is fact and not rumor. ;)

(But do you hear my Disney? I'll come back again if you bring in Olaf! :cool::happy:)


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Just think that queue set up has been in Disneyland for a while now. And at DCA they put olaf as the host of the winter world of color show last year. Also had a leg it go number in it. Then think about how the first couple of shows shown was before frozen even came out in the theater
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