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OKWUPDATE:07-08-2007=Last night of SSE+Wand EVER!!


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Hey Y'all, Garrett here.

As promised, last night i went to Epcot to visit the current version of Spaceship Earth one more time (well...really three more times)...

It was a pretty awesome night! I got there around 530 and snuck to the empty side of the parking lot...

Im out of the car!


"To the youngsters of today...I say believe in the future"

How inspiring, as we travel into the future we can only trust that it be bright and optimistic. Like many have pointed out already, EPCOT is the one place that you can go to and walk away knowing the world is going to be okay. Thats why i love Spaceship earth, because "for a brief moment, we have been among its many passengers" but we are still able to make such a difference if we put our mind to it. But, enough of the mushy-gushy stuff. more pics for you wand lovers or disney historians.

look at this beauty...

more of the beautiful mirror...

huh? its not actually mickeys arm?

i feel betrayed!

more coming soon!

***this is what happened when i took the imgmax part away***


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alrighty, now where did i leave off?

there it is...the wonderful entrance.


look! there it is again, from germany!

look how peaceful epcot is. :)


dont you just love random photos?


ahhh...it seems as if the evening is on its way.

more to come!


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hey there! i know y'all might be having some problems looking at the pictures. this is my first time trying to post an update like this, and even though i think im doing it right...im probably not. haha. but, anywho, heres more!

ahh..that mural.


im in!...


here we go!

wow, its night already?

getting ready for one last go around...:(



and let me tell you folks...it was one heck of a ride. about 20-30 ppl waited around until the last possible second to be the last to ride. I was one of the last 10 guests to ride this version of Spaceship Earth. Everyone was cheering and clapping through the whole thing, including me.

Its over, already?

Goodbye. I can't wait to see what you look like next year! (one more time...please?)

and now the conclusion!


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If you have the direct link to the image, try pasting that in, then putting image tags around them:

thats what i did. and if its not working...i cant do much about it.

back to the update!

hello nighttime epcot wand!


wow, that sure is alot of ppl leaving!


but, not me! just two more!


goodbye everyone! cya next time!


i hope you enjoyed the very last night of SSE with the wand. You can use any of these pictures however you like. Can't wait to see that crane in action!

-WelcomeHome OKW a.k.a. Garrett


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...And how come you weren't THE last person? You shoulda pushed that person person outta the way and claimed the title!! Oh well! :lol:


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The problem is that the board has an issue when the images aren't ending in an extension. You have to go back and remove the ?imgmax=512 from the end of all the hyperlinks.



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Thanks for the pics update.

Anyone else find it ironic that the quote "to the youngsters" is attached to a graveyard? :lookaroun


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Hmm... I was one of the last 15 people on the attraction.

I think I am in one of those shots, but I can't confirm that until I see these pics on my PC at home. :lookaroun:


Lastnight was a lot of fun, very bittersweet. I was excited to see the Dream Squad at the end of our ride, but I was disappointed to see that the only person that got a prize was the last guy to walk out of SSE. Oh well.:shrug:

Capt. Jack

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Ok, maybe I just totally missed something & I know there have been MANY threads on the topic, but why is everyone "Anti-Hand"? I mean, i'm not big on it, but its like everyone just hates it.

Sad to see Spaceship Earth close. I just hope they actually come back, bigger & better. I was so disappointed when Horizons closed & now, theres a trash box ride named "Mission:Space" there. :ROFLOL:(jk)


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At least M:S has one of the best-themed exteriors in Epcot...

And it also has a huge and costly mistake housed inside of that themed exterior...

While the front of M:S is OK I do not see where there was great imagination or theming of it, guess it is just a difference of opinion.

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