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Me and the family are headed down to see some family in Tampa and we’re wondering if the ohana dinner was the same as before the renovations. We weren’t able to go on our last trip and we’re hoping to grab a meal on the way through.


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It's hard to say if the menu is substantially the same as you remember, as it's changed several times over the past few years. The current iteration is here: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/polynesian-resort/ohana/menus/dinner/ The most notable change from before is that the meats, which used to be served on skewers and grilled fresh in the open kitchen, are now just served as part of a skillet, and the shrimp is no longer grilled.

If you're hoping to snag a last-minute reservation though, you may have a great deal of difficulty. It still "sells out" soon after the 60-day booking window opens.

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