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Hi guys. Am coming in August for 3 weeks and staying the entire time at Animal Kingdom lodge. We have been a number of times before, but have always done a week in disney and a week in a villa, so have always had a hire car that we have picked up from the airport. One of the other enjoyable things we like to do when in Orlando is a bit of shopping (great stuff in America at a fraction of the price we pay in the UK!) There are a couple of places we ant to visit like the outlet malls and the mall at millenia and possible Walmart for some Cheetos! Just wondered what peoples advice was in terms of the best ways to get there as we will not be hiring a car this time at all. We will probably only go the once to each place as well as oppose to many times like we have when we have had our own car!


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greetings :)

we travel from the uk and never drive.

if stopping on site its disney buses of course.

stopping off site, we use UBER to get a round as its the cheapest option and the drivers are pretty good usually! just remember that if you are coming from the UK check that your mobile phone allows data/internet at a good price or for free (EE and three mobile networks) as you will need to turn mobile data on when outside free wifi of the parks n villa.

from the airport we found a company that did a minbus (depending on how many are in your party) at a great price and did a stop of at walmart for groceries if you wanted to. quiksilver i think the company were called. great service.

hope this helps. give me a shout if you need anything answering.
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