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Off to WDW tomorrow!!


Hi Everyone

I am off tomorrow and we are super excited. Thanks for all your advice and building up the excitment before our trip. We are staying at POFQ and are excited to be going back, it is our 10th wedding anniversary and I have booked a fireworks cruise to surprise my family, so I am sure we will have a fantastic time.:animwink:

Can't wait to experience the magic and my kids are really excited to search for the paintbrushes at Tom Sawyers Island and see Tinkerbell in the store in Fantasyland.

:wave: Bye Julie x


New Member
Happy Anniversary!!!! :sohappy:We will be staying at POFQ for our 2nd honeymoon in Dec.(long story) How did you book the fireworks cruise? I would like to surprise my DH with this for our trip. Have a great trip!!
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