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It is a bit of a pain especially midday. With parking, security, travel time, etc you are looking at a good losing a good hour or more of park time to go offsite to a restaurant and come back.


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By booking offsite food I find myself overthinking how i'm going to get there and it stresses me out if i'm going to make my reservation on time. I tend to book my reservations around my day. If i'm in MK or Epcot ill book a reservation at a hotel off the monorail. Other than that I wont book anywhere unless its in the park.


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How hard do you find it to go offsite for food?
Not bad at all. We dont eat offsite for mid-day meals, but for Dinner its always an option when there's nothing good available. Uncle Julios over at Icon360 is always a great fall back.

Ricky Spanish

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We will be staying at the All Star Music this June and are considering occasionally driving to the 192 to catch a meal or two.
There seems to be a lot of restaurant choices.
We normally leave the parks midday for an hour or two anyway.
If we had the choice between dropping $50 on crappy burgers and fries or making our own salads at Sweet Tomatoes......I'll take the veg.


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I second what Ricky Spanish does...leave around 12-1 go eat and then come back for late afternoon/evening fun!
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