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Off Kilter, one show that survived after Disney

Lands of Wonder

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Are there any more, It just turns out there going to be in town at a festival when I go camping upstate New York one of my other favorite vacation spots and I’m just going to happen to be there. Are there any other Disney attractions that are out there in the World still?


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When & where at? I may have to go since I am not far away.


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I pulled up their concert dates. Looks like FL and SC shows in the spring and OK goes to Ireland later in the year for some shows. Don't see NY dates.


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Off Kilter was not the only group to survive the great purge of 2015.

Several of the members of Mulch, Sweat, and Shears now perform basically the same act under the new name, American Martian.

I do believe there are other groups still performing as well. @wannabeBelle most likely knows the status of nearly all of the former Disney bands.
Not all but certainly some of my favorites. Off Kilter does still perform with nearly the entire band intact. I saw them last on November 16th at a Scottish Fest in Mt Dora Florida. It was freezing out there!! The Florida people I know were dying, one girl was telling me she couldn't feel her feet!!! Their dates are available on their website.
Many of the others such as Jason and Billy from Off Kilter, CC, Matt, Paul and a few subs from Mulch do play in the Orlando area as well as some of the guys from British Revolution, under all different band names. Some of the shows I hear about through Facebook, or on the band's own website under the individual bands. If you have any specific dates, let me know and Ill see what I can find out!!! Marie


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Great to hear they are still together and performing. Always was a favorite entertaining part of our many Disney trips. None of the replacements ever came close to performing up to their level. I still listen to their CD's and hopefully one day we will be able to see them live.


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And yet another band is coming up. Jason and Billy of Off Kilter and CC of Mulch, Sweat & Shears are joining together in a band called Southbound check them out here:
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