odd situation in the parks that I would like some help with


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We were at Epcot on June 29th and rode Mission Space. While wait in the fast pass queue there was a young lady in line right behind us being very loud and acting really excited. I turned around to look at her and saw that she was wearing an orange NASA jump suit. She continued having out bursts and in general almost acting like she wanted someone to say something to her. When we got to the CMs at the front of the line one of them came back to talk to her and said something about being concerned because the girl had been riding nonstop since 9:00 and voiced concern that she needed to get something to eat and maybe take a break since it was around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. The girl made a statement about being ok and something about training at NASA and the CM continued to talk to her, but we were unable to hear most of their conversation. My wife did hear the girl whisper to the CM that everything was ok and that she could not tell her about it right now. Once we were assigned a room the girl happened to be in there with us and continued to act out during the pre show video. She really acted like she was just REALLY excited, you know too excited for a person of her age. While in the queue my wife made that comment that she thought she might be autistic or something similar. One of the women in the row next to us kept saying things like, “Sounds like someone forgot their meds” and “Girl you need to take your pills” To that comment the girl responded, “Meds? Me? I don’t need any meds.” At that my wife turned to the girl and placed her hand on her shoulder and told her, “You are just being you and you are unique” or something like that. To which the Girl got very serious and in a lowered voice said, “Thank you very much. You don’t know what that means.” Her toned changed so much for that brief instance that it lead my wife to believe that perhaps this girl was putting on a show. That combined with the overheard conversation with the CM led her to believe that perhaps she was doing a study on peoples reaction to people with social disorders. So after all of that, are any of you aware of such things happening at the parks? Could this have been a school project?

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Most likely the girl did have special needs. Sometimes WDW can be an over-stimulant for them, sometimes not. In this case it sounds as if it was. I used to work with special needs children and each have their own unique personalities that others might find a bit quirky. Some are more higher functioning than others.


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I love how your wife said to her " you're being you and you're unique" what a great way to handle that... look if the lady was a little more than over enthusiastic about the ride, Im sure she had her reasons, maybe she did need meds, or maybe she had a life-long passion for going into space and this was the closest she can get, who knows? Instead of making judgements you shouldve joined her, talked to her, who knows what you couldve learned from her? She wasnt out there smacking people in the face she was just really happy about something, why cast judgement on her and make her seem like a weirdo when all she was doing was showing her excitement? If she was being obnoxious then thats a different story, but it sounds like she was just really happy, and at the very least she atleast provided some temporary entertainment in that long boring line no? lol

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