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This is something I have been waiting decades for. Pre-ordered for Tuesday's release. Can't wait. Vader Immortal for sure, any other suggestions welcome.


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I wasn't on this thread the date of the original post but I have a Rift S so not necessarily a quest so I'm not sure what games would work for you or not / if you have a Quest Link cable and a computer to run games for it on. I play a lot of Sports Bar VR almost exclusively for the pool mode, I used to love pool but when my family moved to our current house we had to sell our pool table and I miss it dearly. Also Witching Tower is a very fun game, I haven't played all the way through yet but I have enjoyed them time I've spent playing.


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Love the oculus quest. Vr is possibly the best investment I have made in a long time, specifically the quest. I have experience with psvr and some pcvr but the quest took it to the next level. I loved echo vr not so much now because of the skill gap and toxic community. Other then that, it’s a great free game to at least try out. I spend most of my time in population one, the fortnite of vr. Recently there have been a lot of great games to come out, and there are some good “classics” as well. Interesting how the 3 posts in this thread have spanned 3 years.

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