October 2009 Role Call!!!

October 2009 Roll Call!!!

Let's get it started in here!!!:sohappy: After several consecutive years of visiting WDW in October, my family skipped last year's visit in October and opted for a June trip. But this year, we simply cannot miss going "home" in October!!! The weather, the lower crowds, MNSSHP, Epcot's Food & Wine Festival....are just a few of the good reasons to visit in October. In the past, I've started a few October Role Calls to see who is going, where they are staying, how many days, if they are going to MNSSHP, and other good info. So I wanted to get us started again. Let's here it everyone!!!:wave:

My Trip: Myself and DW with our two kids (13 and 6), are going with two other families for a total of 12 in our party. (Sidenote: my oldest daughter(18) doesn't get to go due to school, but since she just finished completing the Disney College Program this month, I don't feel too bad. She got to live and work at WDW for 6 months!!!) Anyway, we are staying at All-Star Movies and our trip is from Oct 3-11 for 8 glorious days. We are also going to MNSSHP on Tuesday night the 6th. I can't wait. The adults haven't decided yet if we are dressing up or not. (Two years ago, the dads in this group dressed up as the hitch-hiking ghost and we had a blast!!!)

So to sum it up:
3 families that make up 12 people.
October 3-11 for 8 days.
All-Star Movies.
MNSSHP: October 6th. (I will try to list everyone on the nights they are going.)

So let's hear it. Who else is going to make an October trip this year!!!:sohappy: (BTW: If your trip laps over into Sept or Nov, that counts too!!!)

Sept 29: betteratmk, jjbuster2,
Oct 1: kitten2299, EnchantedRose, mickey7879,
Oct 2: Cmdr Crimson, Highland Holly,
Oct 6: Buzz Lightyear, disneyfamilyjd, LowesChevy, tink 2304, CaptJacksFamily, Ilovewishes6, hsb1970, VT GAL, baswan, kaykay1010,
Oct 8: tink68, Kristia, Donfan, djpoore94
Oct 9: fizzle75, TINKERLOR, krankenstein,
Oct 12: sleepybear,
Oct 13: need2go2wdw, adrianuk91, scrappymel, dormouse72, C&B Young,
Oct 15: PrincessK,
Oct 18: zandalee, FBullock, Rogue21,
Oct 20: Pasq20, yankspy, sorceresssamara, adrianuk91,
Oct 22: JillC LI, PJG
Oct 23:
Oct 25: MrDisney16, surfsupdon, faeryhollow, danv3
Oct 27: Ierino80, bracjeff,
Oct 29: RJR7226
Oct 31: jonty666, Shadowdawn, StitchMom84, Mrs. Jobson, Finallyin09, corey154, arctrixie,


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I posted earlier about going Oct 30 & 31, but now I'm also going on Oct 2 & 3rd for the wine and food fest. Staying at the Dolphin. (i'm blessed to get to live close enough to come often) my birthday is the 3rd so i'm going to epcot for free!
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Just made my flight plans and I'll be arriving October 23 to 30. I'll be by myself unless one of my friends decide to tag along. This is my first time going in October, I usually go in the spring, so I'm excited to see some different things like the Food and Wine Festival. I'll be at MNSSHP on October 25. Also planning on doing the Backstage Magic Tour on October 27 if they have it. Still need to book my ADRs and room (@ Coronado Springs).
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My family and I are going October 4-10. It will be my husband, daughter-17, son-13 and I. We will be staying at Pop Century. We will probably attend MNSSHP on 10/6/09. We are on the DDP compliments of Disney, I received a special PIN offer a couple of weeks ago. I am so excited I am about to bust! I haven't been to WDW since 1983 and my kids have never been!!!
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we will be there oct 2 - oct 12 allstar-sports. Myself , 2 best friends and one of their son's [his 9th bday] MNSSHP on oct 6. Just went in March stayed at CBR in one the pirate rooms. they are awesome! Free dining this time.:sohappy::slurp::wave::sohappy:
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Buzz Lightyear

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Wow! It looks as though the Oct 6th party is the popular one right now. Is everyone going on this night to take advantage of the AP discount? That is the reason why we picked the 6th party. How about everyone else?
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Just took advantage of the AP rates. We'll be back at the World Oct 23 to 27th. While the kids are at MNSSHP, the wife & I will be at the F&W Fest. Will be the first time for the MNSSHP & F&W.
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Hi Buzz - Sorry, but we're not going to make it during Oct this year. Going in Sept for free dining (taking my parents - step-dad's 1st trip to WDW!) and then going with friends and family Dec 10-23 for a loonnggg holiday visit.

Have tons of fun and take lots of pics. Maybe next year....
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^^Enjoy the Poly. I think it's the best deluxe as far as transportation - on the monorail and you can easily walk to TTC. Plus, it's beautiful.
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October 8-13th Myself, DH, DD and DS staying at the Wilderness Lodge and doing MNSSHP on Oct 8th. :sohappy: This will be our 4th time in Oct I believe. We love it.

We have now switched to POFQ Military discount with the dining. :sohappy: Still Oct 8th-13th and MNSSHP on Oct 8th. :D
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We are hoping to be able to go down October 3 - October 9 but unfortunately we will not be attending the party this year. :cry:
It was fun meeting some of you last October at MNSSHP! :wave:
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My family will be there from October 3rd until October 9. Haven't decided about MNSSHP because when we tried the Christmas Party it was miserable (rained out all of the special shows, and they sell waaayy too many tickets to be able to enjoy the extra time in the park.)

We're staying at the Polynesian, be on the look out for the hat!
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