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Okay, I know I'm overly excited, but you guys and gals understand, right? All you fellow October '08 visitors, post your travelers, trip dates, resort, and if applicable, your MNSSHP date(s)!!

I'll start:
Me (29, but will turn 30 on my trip!!) and a co-worker/friend for her first visit!
Staying at Pop Century, October 19-25
MNSSHP: Tuesday, 10/21


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October 18-26 (26th 39th Bday)

MNSSHP Thurs. 23rd
Spirit of aloha at the Poly 21st
All Star Music the 18th
Off site rest of the week. Sheraton Vistana Village.

DD 12
DD 16
Me 39
Mom 62
Sister 42
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Wow, already with the thread!!

Oct. 19-25, Old Key West

Food & Wine Festival!!!!!

Couple groups on this trip: Sun-Thurs with family, then they go home and friends from Ohio come in to stay with us, Weds-Sat. Looking forward to a really great time...I love to share the F&W fest with friends & family!
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20th October to 03rd November, staying offsite at the Sommerset Villas just off the 192. MNSSHP - Tuesday 21st October and Friday 31st October. Party size - 3, me, mum and dad. I'm soo excited all ready lol.
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My beautiful Wife and I
Arrive on Oct. 3rd check in to Yacht Club
Food and Wine Fest.
Oct. 7th Check out Yacht Club
Oct.7th Check into Polynesian
Relax and have fun
Oct. 9th mnsshp
Oct. 12th head home.............Noooooo! :cry:
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Can't wait for October!

We're going October 13-23rd at Saratoga Springs. I haven't bought my party tickets yet, but we're planning on going on the 16th.
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not booked yet but looking to go from Sept 30th to Oct 14th. Went for the first time in October last year after constantly going in June and I havent looked back. To me it was the most ideal time to go.
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