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Obi-Wan Kenobi film in the works


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I'm afraid this would be a disaster if they don't get Ewan McGregor back.

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EW’s sources say there’s still an “if” involved, but yes — we can confirm this is a movie that’s being actively explored as a possible stand-alone beyond 2019’s Episode IX.

A source close to the filmmaker suggested it is far from a done deal, calling the news “premature, at best.”

As of now, there is no script and no cast. But any film like this would want to secure a filmmaker before taking those steps, so McGregor’s involvement is certainly a possibility.
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erasure fan1

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This is a star wars movie I really want to see. But without Ewan, I'm not too sure. I just can't see them not get him as he has said he would love to do it. And why have him voice a line in force awakens. My absolute favorite part of the prequels was Ewans Obiwan, so if hes in, I'm all in!


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What happened to him after episode 3 is a story I want to see more than even boba fett, maybe a vader movie after episode 3 (getting used to the suit and just obliterating tons of jedis and people) id love to see it be dark with an R rating but prob only pg13.
As far as obiwan it really has to be ewan and hes said he wants to do it sooooo hopefully it happens, I'm sure he went on missions, saved luke a few times without luke knowing, and maybe had a gf....