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Boardwalk (and most of the same pros apply to Beach Club, although IMO the Boardwalk rooms are a little better as the Beach Club rooms are very bland): you have walking access to two parks, relatively easy access to MK via the monorail since Epcot is a short walk away, the boats, the Skyliner. Wonderful location, great point chart. The only knock against Boardwalk is no real full blown quick service and no moderately priced sit down dining, really, though you can walk over to Beach Club and go to Beaches and Cream.

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We have stayed at Beach Club and stayed there many a time. It is so very hospitable, and the pool is so very inviting. Such a great walk to Epcot and Hollywood Studios also.

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Not really.

I'm not staying at a Deluxe without a balcony. It may not be important to everyone, but, it is to us.

All Yacht Club rooms have balcony's, not true for Beach Club.
My wife enjoys the flooring in one compared to the other one. I cant remember at this time which it is. Have to ask her...


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IT sounds like OP chose BC or YC, and those are both fine choices. My instinct was to say something along the lines of, The best resort is whichever resort appeals to your family." Having been a forum member for long time, many people have a favorite resort, but different people have different favorites.

Personally, my favorite is the Contemporary. It doesn't have the elaborate theming of some of the other resorts, or the best dining options, but I love the convenience/efficiency, the view, the monorail running through it, and the water parade.

For theming, AKL is amazing. It is the only resort that is fully immersive. I feel like I am far from WDW when there.

That said, BC and YC are also places I often choose. It is great being able to walk to Epcot and HS. The pool's sand bottom is unique, and there are many dining options. If you will be doing some Table service dining, then you might which to have park hopper tickets, so you can dine in the World Showcase at night. Both hotels are also cheery.

Last though, well....many folks start out saying they will make 1 trip to WDW.... some stick to that, but others decide to return. :)
I would recommend Beach Club, great pools easy walk to Epcot to take that mid afternoon break! You can easily walk over to Boardwalk as well. What time of year are you going? Beach club will have the gingerbread carousel during the holidays mething neat to check out!

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