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NOW at Epcot

"El Gran Magnifico"

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I always thought this was bad show. (Three Caballeros). It’s been there for a while



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Definitely a gazillion tour groups today, but all of them near us were friendly and polite. :). Really busy at Epcot today. I must say though, we were really disappointed in Spaceship Earth. Wow...FP line took us 30 min and once inside, it seems that this ride NEEDS a refurbish badly. It was completely dark at beginning of the ride for quite a ways. Some of the displays inside were very hard to see as even the tiny lights that used to be in there are blown out or something. We could not see Michelangelo painting the ceiling at all. We had another FP for later in the week but I canceled it. Of course, Soarin was great though.
One other complaint....the Grand Marnier slushy in France has gone up to $11.50!!! :greedy: for a martini size plastic cup. I'll have to start making them myself at home. Geez! 🍸


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50 mins for Figment? Been here this week of the year many times, but have never seen this queue used nor have I not been the only one in the restroom around the corner, but today is nuts.

I too have have experienced a “never seen it like this” in EPCOT recently. We were there on a Saturday during food and wine and it was New Years Eve type of crowds! It was so crowded, we did not partake in any food booth, we just kept walking around world showcase saying, “that line is too long”, before we knew it we had made the loop around the mobs in WS having done nothing.

Well at least I rode Mission Space Orange 😀

Space ship Earth TOO CROWDED as usual, thanks fastpass plus!!!!

"El Gran Magnifico"

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The Epcot preview center is nice. It’s hard not to get a few specs of pixie dust on you while watching the 360 degree presentation.

The only problem being - my daughter thinks all the changes will be complete by the time of our next visit - which is in two weeks. That’s a tough one.

Oh.....and due to all the construction - the exit out of the park as you exit the preview center goes through Mouse Gear.

Because - of course it does.


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Are you in Epcot now? Let other readers know about park conditions, weather, parking, wait times, meet ups, or anything else that doesn't quite need its own thread.

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