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Good morning! We have been to Disney many times but not in November. We will arrive November 6 for 2 weeks. My husband and I enjoy time by the pool. Is it warm enough in the morning or should we plan afternoon pool time. Thanks for the input.


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We're also going in November because when I went once in November about 12 years ago, and it was absolutely beautiful. Probably 75 or so during the day. Given that, I would say swimming would be fine especially with a heated pool, or if its very sunny out. Swimming early in the morning, or after dark etc would be more dicey, unless heated.

Of course there is no guarantees, but here are the typical averages. You can actually go back the last few Novembers on your dates and see what the actual weather was as well, for an idea.

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We’ve gone in November several times…it’s been as low as the low 60’s all day and as high as the upper 80’s…pool should be fine, I would just bring a sweatshirt, a long pair of pants and a fleece jacket JUST IN CASE…depending on your tolerance, it can get a tad chilly at night and if you take Disney transportation (especially the buses), the drivers tend to crank the AC…just keep that in mind, and have an AWESOME TIME…it’s one of our favorite times of the year to go especially with the Christmas decorations up!!
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IMHO not knowing what climate you're coming from or how much time you spend outdoors it would be difficult to judge. Personally, I'm happy in shorts and a t-shirt from March until December.
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