Not Bad For A 1- Day Trip!

From August 2016:

Arrive at Hotel:

WDW ASMR 03.jpg

Dinner at:

WDW Sanaa Artifact SMALL.jpg

Straight for..

WDW Mine Lamp SMALL.jpg

..then breakfast at:

WDW Be Our Guest Entrance SMALL.jpg
WDW Be Our Guest Dining Room SMALL.jpg

Dinner at:

WDW Tony's INT Wall Matted SMALL.jpg

They lowered the crane at the castle!

WDW Castle at Dusk matted.jpg

Gotta see the:

WDW Cinderella Ride by Castle.jpg

Then the: from the:

WDW Wishes from AstroOrbiter SMALL.jpg

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Thanks you! At my age I'm more into the hotels, food and photography but I did manage to ride Space Mountain twice ;)

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