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Non-Disney Races

OG Runner

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Back to normal I suppose. I ran a 3 milers on 02/26/2023 in Haverhill Massachusetts.
It was 20 degrees (f), and it was snowing. Slippery in spots but still fun overall. It is
amazing how quickly you can warm up.

OG Runner

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4 miler this today 03/05/2023 in Lawrence Masschusetts. I was 37 degrees (f), no snow this week.
A brutal hill between 2 and a half and three miles. 5 miler next week to complete a short series.


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May the luck o’ the Irish be with everyone doing St. Pat’s races today!



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Ok so now that I am home and have been fed, I looked on my Garmin. It says I did 74 flights of stairs. About a half dozen or so were going from one track to another in the train stations, as well as going upstairs to the women’s changing room because there was no room downstairs. The rest were related to the race (some of them were getting to/from race start)


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Small update on my conqueror challenge (Lord of the Rings)

I have completed four legs of the challenge.

The Shire (145 miles)
The Fellowship (98 miles)
The Mines of Moria (40 miles)
The Eye of Sauron (95 miles)

Just today, I have also started the last leg of the first set of Lord of the Rings challenges.

Mordor (282 miles)

In addition to this, I have also signed up for another 3 leg challenge themed around the return of the king.

Just today, I have also completed the first leg of that challenge, Rohan (80 miles). Leaving just two more legs.

Helms Deep (99.6 miles)
Gondor (69.9 miles)

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