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Non-Disney news


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Unfortunate for Princess, but the Ruby Princess made "unexpected contact" with the pier in San Francisco today. Oops.

(Obviously, the photo is not mine.)



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I like to watch them dock the ships at Port Canaveral and Port Nassau. It amazes me how they can finesse a 140,000 ton 1,100 foot long ship up to the dock like you would a toy boat in the bathtub or park your car.
Well, maybe not this time... :oops:
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Seems to be a lot of dock collisions with some of these ships lately. I guess better to happen at the dock than with something out at sea.


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Having personally crashed at least one Disney Boat in my time (former Watercraft Cast Member), one moment of inattention or a strong gust of wind, can cause you to hit a dock harder than you want. My trainer once told me docking a boat is nothing but a controlled crash into the dock, so you have to keep control.

Given the weight and momentum of these ships, i am impressed by how rarely you hear about theses incidents.

PS - The only thing hurt that day was my pride and the boat's paint job.


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Having personally crashed at least one Disney Boat in my time (former Watercraft Cast Member),

I think that's one job I would like at WDW. We were once on a boat from Magic Kingdom to Fort Wilderness and our pilot was obviously "earning her ears", as there was an instructor there with her. She misjudged her approach to the Fort Wilderness dock and hit it head-on. The instructor was very calm and professional and coached her to put it in reverse and then make a new approach. So she backed us up and . . . rammed the dock head-on again. I'm sure she was mortified, but I gotta tell you, I thought it was hysterical. The instructor assisted her to get us in the 3rd time, and we disembarked, but we still laugh about it.


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Rule number one. Never approach anything faster then your willing to hit it.
Rule number 2. When in doubt see Rule 1.
But in all seriousness any number of things can affect docking. Or moving.
When the Titanic was departing one of her ports, she pulled a nearby ship towards her, breaking her mooring lines just due to the water movement as the ships passed.

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