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Non-Disney bus direct access to parks

Master Yoda

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It is my understanding that you are correct, but I have never verified if it is a Disney policy or an individual policy by off property resorts.

Most off property hotels that run shuttles...at least everyone that I have stayed at...drop you off at the TTC and expect you to use Disney transportation from there.


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Am I correct in thinking Non-Disney buses do not have direct access to parks only to TTC?
If I am understanding your question, then yes you are correct. However busses like Lynx do have stops at the parks just not in prime areas like the Disney busses do. As an example at AK Lynx stops in the CM parking lot directly behind the Disney bus area. And in most cases they have two stops. Example there is TTC and Westclock.

Master Yoda

Pro Star Wars geek.
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Cheers, but not so much shuttles but public buses like Lynx I'm interested in.
I believe Lynx has stops at the TTC, DTD, as well as the CM parking lots at the other parks, but there might be more.

Their site will tell you for sure. https://www.golynx.com/plan-trip/trip-planner.stml

One note about the Lynx busses...they are brutally slow. What might be 20 minutes in an Uber could easily be an hour plus on a Lynx bus.
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