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No more large pizza deliveries to rooms?


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Someone just told me that you can no longer order a whole, large pizza for in-room delivery and that the only choice is now a slice with a salad for around $10. True?

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I don't know about the room service pizza because I've never had it, but we got a pizza at the Boardwalk pizza window and it was fine. Not the greatest pizza ever, but 1000x better than Domino's.
I would say Dominos is not better and probably not going to be as fast or hot. As someone, not sure who, but someone once said the best pizza is the one in front of you.


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It's never a good idea to have a delivery person know what room you are in. Always meet them in the lobby. Maybe, as a woman, I think of my safety more, but I would never tell a delivery driver what room I am in and have them come up to it.
Correct. I believe WDW conducts criminal background checks on their staff, but the non Disney local delivery driver may not have gone through a check.


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No. It's against Walt Disney World Resort policy. Every resort I have stayed at (from value to deluxe to the campground) has ALWAYS required me to pick it up in the lobby.
Staying at OKW or SSR would probably be fine. Technically maybe they shouldn’t but I know of DVCers who do it direct to their building. But still meeting them at the parking lot, not to their actual room.
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