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Hey guys, first time poster here... I'm getting super nervous. I made a Disney Auditions account awhile back and attended an audition June 5th in Virginia. The audtition was for Star Wars/Marvel Day at Sea, and it went super well. However, I havent heard ANYTHING- no emails whatsoever. I checked my email and its correct, I just haven't gotten anything.

There's no way to contact disney. I'm getting really worried. Can anyone help?

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Well there is nothing to be worried about. You either will land a roll, or not. Nothing to fear my friend.

I myself went to 6 separate auditions. Of the 6, 5 of them I "passed" or made it all the way through. Once I was even pulled aside and given a script for a a character that wasn't even posted that audition, and they loved it! laughed the whole time, said it was awesome. As you can imagine I thought I was a hired for sure. Still, the 6 months passed and I never got a call.

On my 6 audition I made it through each cut, found myself once again one of the last 15 or so people at the end filling out employment info, thinking to my self, here we go again, probably wont here anything. Yet about a month later I got the email, then the call, then the sizing and I've been a CM in entertainment for over a year now. Very happy.

Point is, dont stress it but DO keep going to every single audition you can get to, regardless of how well you did on the last. Keep knocking on that door and it will open. Good luck to you! Hope you get the call soon!
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