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No Cameras on Space Mountain


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Lost a phone out of a pocket a year or so ago… got it back eventually, pretty banged up- laughed about it until we started analyzing where it fell, and what :could: have happened… ugh….


I'm Just A Tourist!
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Why does that matter to you?
I believe that may be sarcasm, although not posted in the sarcasm font...

As for MY assessment on why they're finally getting around to restricting cameras, I believe their lawyers heard about how old the track is, and probably warned management that on-ride video of an accident would make it next to impossible to avoid damages in any court case filed in response.


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They should ban cameras on all rides...ok, I took a pic on Living with the Land of Christmas decorations. Especially anything dark.

Had a moron two shells over on Little Mermaid taking pictures with flash. WITH FLASH! 1st, that's annoying to everyone else and you are basically saying, I don't know how to take low light pictures with florescent colors. The pics probably came out terribly.

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