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no 24hr party this year?


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I'm still thinking due to Shanghai/Paris..Chances are it's..

Miss Heinous

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The 24 hour events are fun because all of the local youtubers and bloggers show up, it's kind of like a convention at the Magic Kingdom. I hope they do one this year.


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The CM blockout calendar for DL is out for May, but not the WDW calendar. There are no DL dates that scream 24 hour party. In 2015 & 2014 CM's couldn't even get themselves in on the 24 hour day, and there is nothing like that this year. Wed June 8 and Thur June 9 CM's can't bring guests in but can still self-admit. The mid-week thing seems strange, unless there is some other event going on those days. I suppose WDW could host one, but not DL.

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