no 24hr party this year?

I hope that they do it cause I've always wanted to go. Last year then announced it mid-march. Could possibly be announced during the Rivers Of Light live stream on Tuesday. Just hope the summer theme isn't Frozen again to tie in with the attraction in Epcot
Someone on parks board started a thread and noticed a noon fof on the 27th. Dca is opening the new frozen show that day. There's a few clues dropped so far

Yeah I noticed that as well and they didnt set times for the MSEP either. Plus there was the image for the Frozen Ever After Ride in Epcot with the same date as well.


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I actually stayed up and watched the Main Street cam from the 24hr live stream a few years ago. Was funny watching all the people be weird on cam.

If they do have the 24hrs I hope they do the live stream again. Was a lot of fun watching the parades and just sitting up with my wife watching the people. Was just very relaxing listening to main street music and people walking by. Brother actually called me while he was on camera was pretty cool


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Yeah I didn't go but DL seemed 10x better from pics, merchandise, food, etc.

What happened?

DL stopped admitting guests at 1pm despite being nowhere near capacity. DCA remained open, liquor sales were halted for fear of angry crowds, and thousands of guests were mobbing outside of bag check and not being let into the esplanade. It was complete and total disaster, overseen singlehandedly by Michael Colglazier who obviously knows more about ops than people who have worked at DL for decades.


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Didn't help that it was opening day for the majority of the 60th anniversary stuff.
I wouldn't be surprised, if it was to be announced, to be announced at a media event about all the new "additions" and entertainment coming this year.

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