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Nine Dragons??


It's def worth a visit!

The seating is the worst part just because of the close proximity to other tables. We lucked out the first time and had a table against the wall. That being said... The servers are very nice and very attentive without being in your face. The drinks are REALLY good! The food is really tasty and we also live in NJ. The menu isn't as extensive as our take-out menus but everything tastes fresh. It doesn't feel as greasy as take out sometimes does. The dumplings are a great way to start off the meal, and the shrimp egg rolls!

I was skeptical for years before we tried and now we make it a point to get there for lunch or dinner on our visits :) Also...Lunch discount for AP/DVC is 20% and dinner is 10%. Enjoy :)


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I finally gave in and went this past trip. I found the service incredible; however, I was not too impressed with the food. I may give it another try at some point.


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Pickiest of picky eaters here! I really enjoyed Nine Dragons. I can't say it sticks out as one of my favorite restaurants on property, but the service was fantastic and the food was good.


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This "Chinese Restaurant" is passable.

It's comparable to a mediocre Chinese takeout place you'd find in a strip mall somewhere, just with better presentation.

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