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Originally posted by StarscreamLSU
Hmm...little quick to judge - aren't we?

I would keep an open mind about it.

i might be but it is not the haunted mansion. like the ToT movie wasn't ToT it was just the name. it was a shameful movie. this HM movie sounds too "goody-goody". yes i know the mansion isn't "bad", but it's too moral. if they call the movie "The Haunted Mansion" and have no big references to HM the ride, i, as well as others, will be greatly disappointed. and so far from the sound of it-it won't be referencing the HM ride very much. plus, eddie murphy? good as ghost host- too comedic for this movie as the lead.


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I think this will be "Haunted Mansion" as much as the other one will be "Country Bears". And can you imagine "Pirates of the Caribbean" in the hands of Mr. Pearl Harbor - Armageddon?
I just don't think that addin a house and a ghost to a movie makes it the Haunted Mansion we all know and love.


i'm sure the picture is still in the works, but things always are changed. it may be cool we'll have to wait and see the country bears is good first, the tower of terror movie was never a big budget movie though, it wasnt even in the theatre's as i remember.


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When will Disney ever learn?

If they want their movies bassed on rides within their parks to succed, they HAVE to bass the movie on the ride, and NOT some god offul crap like they are trying to do here?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Disney needs to get off of it's lasy and get with the program!

Geez...they need to do some MAJOR REMODLEING upstairs, no?!!?!!

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