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New Year's Eve Fireworks Question


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I need info from anyone that was at the fireworks for Downtown Disney, Epcot, and Studios regarding the length and content of the show.

I watched ALL the fireworks from a hill near Highway 429. While the MK's show is the most intense, it is rather short, lasting about 5 minutes after midnight. However, 1 or 2 other shows (3 if you count Universal's) lasted till 20 minutes after midnight. If you were at Studios or Epcot or Downtown Disney, could you tell me when the fireworks ended? Also, one of the shows had hearts and faces like Wishes does. Which one was that? If you were at Epcot or Studios, could you hear more fireworks in the distance after your show was over? Thanks for all the info.

I wish the night was clearer to see the shows better, but clouds blocked a lot of the shows. The hill I was on seemed to be a popular place. About 6 other cars were parked there. It is also popular for watching space shuttles take off.
hey Gor ... was at DHS for the midnite fireworks ... they lasted until about 12:20 ... I could see MK and Epcot behind me ... Epcot's went off first and then MK's ... as we were walking back to the car at about 12:25, I thought I saw what looked like fireworks coming from Downtown Disney ... DHS themed there fireworks first to songs that had "party" in them, then switched over to movie music (songs from Top Gun, Star Wars, Animal House, Indiana Jones, etc) ... was a really good show ... and yes, DHS did the hearts and faces ( to the song from Tarzan )........

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