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New WDW Commercial


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I saw this commercial today. It's a commercial for WDW and not Disneyland as evidenced by the 1st picture and the rest of the commercial's content. But the 2nd picture below looks like the Disneyland version of the tea cups. It's in the open air and there's no giant tea kettle in the middle. I doubt this would have been missed by editors. Why would they use the Disneyland version of a ride in a WDW commercial? Or am i missing something?...





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They’re both US parks so the commercials are probably shot around the same time and are a mix of Disneyland and Magic Kingdom stock footage. It’s a simple copy/paste trick- they use the same footage for the Disneyland/Magic Kingdom segments in the commercial and if there were any segments that showed the other 4 Disney parks, then they’d sub that in with DCA footage for the west coast. It’s also good to note that the teacups are an easily-identifiable ride for guests to recognize, and WDW’s is under a canopy, so it may be a bit trickier to get such a cool overhead shot like that of the entire ride


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They do this all the time.

A few years ago, a WDW ad clearly had things from Disneyland AND Hong Kong Disneyland
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