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New Villains Show Coming to DHS?


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Found a call on the audition website for Dr. Facilier, his club manager and dancers for a new show at DHS.

Disney Parks Talent casting is seeking Male Comedic/Improv Actors and Male Actors Who Sing for a new Disney Villains inspired entertainment offering at the Walt Disney World®Resort near Orlando, FL.

Dr. Facilier Male, 20s – 30s, 5’11” and above. A master of magic and voodoo. Charismatic baritone with pizazz. Sings “Friends On The Other Side.”

Comedic Male Actor- Inventive actor with a strong sense of comedic wit and timing. Portrays the club manager of Dr. Facilier’s Lounge. Well-polished with a bit of flair.

Female Dancers Seeking versatile and exciting female dancers 5’2” and above. Must have excellent technique and a strong hip hop background. Acting ability a plus.


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Well, looks like the rumors of a Villain show are true. Question now is: Why just Facilier? Is everyone else cast? Will he be the only villain?

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