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New Travel Channel Show


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On theTravel Channel June 30, 9-10 pm ET:

Unfriendly Skies: State of Travel

Snyopsis: Travel’s evolution into long lines, poor service, expensive tickets and general dissatisfaction.

This should be interesting :drevil:.


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the show was interesting. i find it interesting that it was about what is the goverment going to do to help them out with a new system to help save 9,000,000,000 dollars if they didn't have to waste time just waiting on a space in the air.
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No comforting news - it's going to get to the point that only the middle class and above will be able to afford to fly.

The examples presented during this show were horrific. I remember the planes sitting on tarmacs for 9-10 hours, but the 8 year old girl who was taken off a plane and left alone in a jet way was outrageous.

The other thing that stood out to me was the statement that the flying public is contributing a disproportional amount to the FAA trust fund.

There was a good point made regarding delays - complain to the FAA, not the airline (it's often the flight controllers causing the delays).
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Loved it!!! The show that is, not the prognosis. You are correct in that there wasnt a lot of good news but the future doesnt look all bleak. The Federal taxes and fees are outrageous and should be stripped down quite a bit if not totally eliminated!!!! That story of the 8 year old girl just about broke my heart!!!! That is MONSTROUS!!!!! And people wonder why people get crazed when they fly. I couldnt imagine a child I was flying with all of a sudden not being on the plane. I would be out of my mind!!!!!
As far as the airlines, the point they made about service is key I think. The oil prices arent helping, but when people are paying high $200's low $300's for a ticket they bought last year for $128.00, yes they are going to expect to be treated a LOT nicer than before. No one is blaming the airlines for the feul price hikes, however how they respond to it will make the difference between surviving in this economy or not. Great show and thank you for the heads up ImaMouse. I very much appreciate it!!! Belle
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