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News New Theater to be built at the Magic Kingdom - now cancelled?


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"Headache splitting your head like an arrow"?

I still love me some Magnum XL...can't lie.
Magnum is a true classic. The track and trains should never be touched aside from typical maintenance. Whenever the track needs to be replaced, S&S Sansei would be able to replicate the design since they ate up Arrow. Getting punched in the stomach and shaken apart on the cold, fall nights is something I wouldn't want to change. I wouldn't cry if Corkscrew left though.
The theatre budget would not pay for MM.

Could this be a trade off between construction cost vs. operating cost.

I would think the theater would have a much higher operating cost than a ride due to having to pay the show cast.

Maybe TDO decided they would rather have the lower long term operating cost of a ride?

Captain Barbossa

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I still like the idea of bringing the "Eye of the Storm" Pirates stunt show from Shanghai. Here's the main "action" segment from the show... it's a lot of fun, has some great effects... I dunno... I think it would work perfect for Adventure land...

That would be so freaking awesome!! I didn't realized they had that in Shanghai along BFTST. If they can clean up the cheesyness and add Gibbs and, IDK, me ;) to it, that would be great!


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My main criticism of Tron was that it would likely result in another decade of neglect for the other side of the park. So if, and I am hugely sceptical, they build a good ride in Adventureland this is a huge bonus.


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The most plausible clone in my opinion is the Moana show coming to HKD. Not sure where they’d put it tho.

The great thing about the Main Street theater was that it wasn’t replacing anything. I hope this Adventureland project is the same way


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don't want to speak out of turn or for anybody else, but...


Ahhh...classic, wise Yoda...

you're killing me, Smalls!

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