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News New Theater to be built at the Magic Kingdom - now cancelled?


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@RSoxNo1 @AJH219 @danlb_2000 @brb1006 @Goob @MisterPenguin

Hi guys, it's Jack from DSNY Newscast here. I do read these forums and threads, and despite not being a member until only recently, I have actually monitored them for quite a long time, as it's got some amazing discussion by really dedicated Disney fans.

Obviously some areas you guys are very clearly more well-versed than me, and probably have many more sources within WDI and Disney in general. But just to defend the reason why I did the Monsters Inc video, is because I was trying to explain it was a potential far-off in the distance plan of WDI, and I did say in the video, it may not even happen.

But, what I'm trying to achieve with DSNY Newscast, is a simple, concise news roundup for the more casual Disney fans, who do not have the wealth of knowledge that you all clearly have. And then hopefully it will grow the community to the stage, where people will become more and more interested and you'll see new members on forums like this as well.

Thanks for your feedback, and no harm done :)

Have a great day!
I really do admire your production value. You're studio is very clean and colorful and the editing is snappy. Welcome and keep making these videos.

Like you said, you do a great service of getting pretty accurate info out there for the non uber-Disney fans like us.

Oh, now you just need to make your avatar the DSNY logo!

Ismael Flores

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I mean, you're not wrong in the fact that it looks similar, but I don't think they would do that for crowd reasons among other things.. I just thought the wording of their post maybe meant something. :)
I think you are correct, it also wouldn't make sense to demo the existing building just to re build it with a different facade.

Also a theater building would be much taller than what exist there now because of the needed air space for set changes. Building a newer building in the back and adding a new pathway would help with overflow queue not. Locking mainstreet. The building would also be pushed back far enough to not be seen from the mainstreet skyline

Ismael Flores

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If you humor us and picture the theater off the bypass, there would be a similar gate to the left of the theater to block off the backside of the Tomorrowland.

I think you are correct. It does makes sense for it to go off the bypass. Guest flow would be much easier to control. They could have three possible pathways out of a new court area. Hopefully it also includes toilets because the one in DCA was so badly designed that the nearest toilets are in bugsland or opposite side of Hollywood backlot


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Hi, Jack!

Since you do credit your source, and good for you for doing so, I have no qualms in pointing you to and encouraging you to keep an eye on the rumor tracker here and follow the links to the discussions. When the insiders on this forum say something is unlikely, even if the rest of the internet is abuzz with the rumor... then it's very much unlikely.

WRT to Monstropolis: It's more than being far off and may never happen: The specific rumor of changing RnRC, which is on two rails, to a Door Coaster, which hangs from a single rail, is an impossibility as an 'overlay'. You'd need to rip out the old and build a new coaster. That's why that part of the rumor got a lot of negative pushback here because it's not a possibility as an overlay, it's an impossibility. There's a difference between a rumor and outright misinformation.

Rumor tracker: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/rumor-and-upcoming-timeline-tracker.926402/


Agreed on Monstropolis, but nothing's impossible (and I agree it isn't happening because we've been told it's not). They COULD gut RnRC and build the coaster there from scratch ... they clearly aren't going to and no reason it needs to be even thrown out there but just pointing out they don't even need to use the track. They could build a new track. All coasters have a life expectancy and RnRc has been open since 1999. Has it had a full track replacement?

But we're getting off-topic of the theater ...

Ismael Flores

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The easiest and most logical place to place a "Theater" on Main Street U.S.A. is in the current theater. What would be the point of having two structures named "theater" that look very similar on the exterior?
I doubt The existing theater building is adequate for theater productions. Theater productions need lots of space for set changes that is why they normally have a large section towards the back of building that is much higher than the rest of the building.

Aesthetics's if they were going to just for the building and expand it for theater production i don't see why the would change the look of the building they have now. The style of the facade is very different.
Easiest thing would be to start from scratch and if they don't want to buildings with the name theater on it the existing one can get a name change.

Also the existing structure doesn't look like it could hold a capacity queue of at least 2,000 guests.

At DCA they have the huge outdoor area that overflows Into a long switch back behind the fake facades. The shows then have to be staggered enough to allow guests to exit the theater before queuing up another 2,000 guests.

Something like that on mainstreet near entrance would be a nightmare


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I really do admire your production value. You're studio is very clean and colorful and the editing is snappy. Welcome and keep making these videos.

Like you said, you do a great service of getting pretty accurate info out there for the non uber-Disney fans like us.

Oh, now you just need to make your avatar the DSNY logo!
I agree, it would be easier for us to recognize you.


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I know a lot of votes have been for Aladdin, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a Hercule's stage adaption here. There's been a lot of talk in the industry referring to a Hercules show, but nothing from Disney's theatre group... would be a very cool stage adaption imo.
Disney also had a workshop of a Hunchback stage show a few years back. It relied heavily on the Hugo novel (w/ Frolo going back to the head priest of Notre Dame) and was quite dark and adult in tone. I seriously doubt they'd be placing it in the Main St. Theater, but it's definitely worth checking out.

I do wonder once it's open if it will be like the Hyperion as act as incubator for new productions or it they will develop something new and exclusive for it.

Hunchback could be the next Les Mis on Broadway if Disney really wanted to. It needs to be dark, and they've proven they will do that on film, but for some reason just not on stage.

If they end up doing a dark version that does Victor Hugo's masterpiece justice, hands down Huncback. Not to mention that the score is out of this world as well. It could be a powerful production. Otherwise, Hercules or Princess and the Frog would translate as the next best two, seeing that there are already two awesome short-style musicals for Tangled and Aladdin. I believe that is the better decision than making an original production as those films are screaming to be on stage. I know I would pay to go see them live! It would also be cool if they would have a lottery system like at Tokyo.


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I like the idea of a show that is more of a revue - featuring songs from lots of Disney movies - rather than a show based on 1 particular movie. What about something like the original Steps in Time from DCA?

There's also the 2nd version of Steps in Time that was created to make it more "pop" after Michael Eisner didn't like the 1st version.

Or there's On the Record, the show that toured for a year or so. I know some people don't love the non-standard arrangements, but I happen to really like the way this show is put together.

Regardless, I would love whatever they put here to have live singers and a live band/orchestra. I think the live aspects make the shows much more enjoyable than when the performers are dancing to tracks.

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