New summer 2024 Walt Disney World Resort hotel offers coming this week


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So I am a Disney card holder, but my sister is not. Can I book two rooms, one for me and my wife and one for her and her husband, and we all get the free dining promotion? Or will Disney not allow that since I won't be staying in the second room?
Hi there, we were able to get through via phone to the Reservations Center and confirmed you may book up to two additional rooms in addition to your own, for friends or family traveling with you. Marie


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I was happy to be able to apply the room discount for end of Sept beginning of October to my existing reservation; it allowed us to add the hopper option to our tickets and have a small refund also.


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As a note, emails went out on 4/9 with the wrong dates for the Visa offer. The email end date was 12/24 and the correct date, as posted by Disney Dreamer, appears to be through 12/21. An updated email was sent today, 4/10. Disney probably didn't want to be giving free dining to folks coming in 12/24 and staying into New Year's Week. 😂

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