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News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life


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I think i see Joy from Inside Out (right side above the Hotel) and possibly Edna Mode from Incredibles (far left).
View attachment 351554

It looks like WiR

By the way, i hope it has true atractions inside the pavilion and not only stores and totems with "mobile" apps.


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Art can be deceiving. Or more often just used to mask what they don’t want you to see yet.

Why do I get the sense that you're replying in this thread to throw us off the trail that you're really saying this in reference to the mysterious building behind the imagination pavilion in the other concept art?

puts tinfoil hat on a little tighter this time


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Their story is unclear. Okay, it says Odyssey is a new “experience center” then shows a photo of the “play area” without a reference as to where that is, leaving the impression both are one in the same.

I've clarified the article to make it clear they are two separate things. The Experience Center is a preview center of the upcoming changes. The Play Pavilion is the new area coming to Wonders of Life.


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I’m REALLY REALLY hoping they incorporate VR & some cutting edge tech into this pavillion. Disney characters aside, having a focus on technology & playing with technology could prove to be fitting & worthy of being in Epcot IMO.

If only there was a time and place where that actually happened...

Of course, an area with "cutting edge technology", we've been told, isn't feasible because it becomes dated too quickly and then Disney doesn't update it and then the area gets stale.

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