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News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life


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We can only go by descriptions and concept art. It's day 1 and people are already jumping to conclusions.

Also: Wakanda can't go to WDW, that's been established.

I always loved the quote from the first page of the thread where the partnership between Disney and James Cameron was announced...

"Well, there's one part of AK I will never set foot in..."


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The concept is clever enough. But it seems like if they are going to all this trouble they should put in a ride or 2! Are the body wars simulators still there? Even if you did a super basic simulator ride more for kids it would be something.

Or hey even a themed spinner but indoors in an environment that is totally controlled with lighting / video. Something!


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I am extremely sad future world won't exist in the future. I hope World Show Case continues and expands. However one has to ask how could future world have survived if we can't tell the real update story of Energy. The Energy Pavilion should have been updated based on the advances made in US energy production. Instead of telling the real story which is not politically correct we lose the Pavilion. Walt would have updated the Pavilion telling the story of how fracking had led to the USA becoming Energy Independent and made us the worlds leader energy producer and exporter. The problem is the current Walt Disney Company can't do that because it's not politicallycorrect. It's the same reason they cant make a movie like "A Wrinkle in Time" or Narnia correctly and cnn profitably. The leadership of thos company from the top has shown political correctness is the wrong way to go. This does not me aw n everything they do is wrong but they need to get passed this PC BS and as go for things like R rated Deadpool and shows on the cutting edge.
Now it’s “out”....

The interior will be one huge IP driven playground. I’m aware of three core IPs. If all goes to plan one forum member in particular will be happy. Don’t think attractions as such. More like environments. Expect F&B to be added too. And digital interaction. Work should begin before the fall.

I’m getting a Disneyland “animation building” vibe from the concept art. I can see it hosting character greetings, interactive activities (similar to the Sorcerer’s workshop), and short movies in a similar format. Not sure this is really anything new other than different IPs


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Well Epcot needs rides not M&Gs but this is a band aid whilst they do whatever they need to do with the spine, ain't anything innovative about this. Just something to have open for the 50th.
Okay I will bite. Why?
Why does Epcot need rides?

They are getting a new coaster to replace Energy, just got revamped Space, and Soarin. Plus they are getting a much needed update to SSE. Then in WS we got Frozen, have mexico, adding Rat and still supposedly getting UK ride of some kind. Plus there is still the chance, granted slim of a ride with the new Brazilian pavilion.

Don't you think they also need attractions that are NOT rides? When Innovations was at its best, that to me is some of what we are seeing here with WoL. Maybe even better. And they are doing this to free up the spine for much needed greenery and space.

I have no issues with this decision vs. status quo.

Brer Oswald

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@marni1971 You probably can’t answer this, but a question popped into my head. How recently was this pitch decided to be the project that would go into the WoL building? More importantly, how recently were the IPs selected?


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I do agree with this as long as they actually do something impressive with the space this will free up at Imagination and Innoventions. This just seems like a minor announcement that dribbles out after you reveal the big impressive stuff, not the first official part of your park overhaul rollout.

Hopefully they do a nice job inside but I’m with you in sharing doubts on the overall execution


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@marni1971 You probably can’t answer this, but a question popped into my head. How recently was this pitch decided to be the project that would go into the WoL building? More importantly, how recently were the IPs selected?
I can't answer you directly, but I've known about this concept for at least 3 or 4 months. Sometime before then, not that it helps much.

Edit: Didn't see Martin already said something, nevermind.

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