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News New Pixar-themed children's experience coming to Disney’s Contemporary Resort


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Oh. So, looks like while they are closing down the drop in sitting places, they do have a replacement in mind....

It depends on the details, but a lot of kids might dig this - one night where they get to do something different, hang with other kids, and it's not something everyone does. This feels a bit closer to the kids clubs on board cruise ships - we might be interested in this:)

hpyhnt 1000

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It does sound like the programs on the cruise ships. And, honestly, for 4+ hours of babysitting with characters, games, and dinner, ~70 bucks is almost reasonable (though less so if you're leaving 2 or 3 kids for the event).


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Kids have what looks like a fantastic experience while mum and dad get some quality time together price seems very reasonable. I dont know what people pay in the US for a child minder at home but i would guess around $10-15 an hour, Obviously if you have 3 or more children then i gets very expensive.


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Based on what I read on some other sites, it appears that they might be closing the video arcade for this experience.


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Is this confirmed as taking over the arcade space? I presume so as there’s no other space on the 4th floor (is this not referred to as the Grand Canyon Concourse any more!?)
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My kids love The Game Station arcade here.
Has there been any word if it's completely gone or just being moved (since this took over its space)?

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