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News New PhotoPass costumes


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Well, it will definitely be hard to miss where they are (which I’m guessing is at least part of the impetus for the change).
Makes them easier to spot, but also the new costumes are designed to be much more comfortable (they’re almost like a Columbia shirt material) for the cast standing outside all day. I just hope they go back to having the photo pass cast on Main Street wearing a Main Street specific costume.


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They did the same to the photo boxes



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Because the vest, name badge, and digital camera weren’t dead giveaways previously?

PhotoPass revenue must be down. 😉
You joke, but I’ve been in the park before, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts (typical guest park attire) taking photos with my personal camera on a tripod, and I’ve had other guests approach me thinking I was PhotoPass. Some were confused, some a little huffy, when I explained I couldn’t help them.

It’s happened on more than one occasion. I practically had a line forming behind my back once. They see a “nice camera” and don’t think much else beyond it.

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