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News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot


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What Epcot themes were in the old loop? E.g., I don't remember One Little Spark being part of the entrance loop.

The old loop as in the one before previous? It had One Little Spark, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Mission Space, Golden Dreams, Living Seas, Ellen, and the really Classic Loop within it.

I also remember Soarin’ being part of the old loop. Honey, Golden Dreams, Ellen, and a (instrumental?) One Little Spark I think I remember.


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but not that good.





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Don't try to change the subject. I remember the ball of crazy you just said! ;)

Way better than American TV! Examples include The IT Crowd, Monty Python, The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Father Ted, Spaced. I can go on!
I remember catching a show called "Chef" a couple of times when I've been across the pond. Funny show. Never was able to find it streaming in the US. (Sorry to perpetuate the thread drift)


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While I love the original loop, it does have some noticeable omissions: a true Horizons segment and Living Seas. While I know they were not in the park at the time of opening, I hope the new and upcoming music loop is reflective of ALL the changes coming to "new Epcot": open and yet to open.

Like, will there be elements of the new Spaceship Earth score that was announced to accompany the revamped attraction? Time will tell.....

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