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So as we all know New Orleans Square was replaced with Liberty Square due to it’s proximity to the city of New Orleans, which I always thought was pretty dumb. So this is a buildout of my version of New Orleans Square at Magic Kingdom which replaced the Arctic Land.

Guests leave the Bryce Canyon styled rock work of the old west and walk across a wooden draw bridge, the reason why it is a draw bridges that the riverboat which occasionally passes through here can pass. Once crossing the bridge, the city of New Orleans in the 1920s stands before guests.

The first thing that guests encounter are the passing trolley cars that go through the land, these vehicles are green colored with gold finishes and a small light at the front which illuminates the way in front of it. The trolley is inhabited by a driver and a tour guide that explains the history of New Orleans, the guide would be a licensed professional in the history of New Orleans and would be a local of the city. If guests walk in front of the trolley, the trolley will come to a sudden stop to avoid any accidents. The trolley itself cruises at a solid 5 mph with a max speed of 7 mph. Guests can board the trolley at the Trolley Depot. After going through the double doors of the depot, guests can explore the depot with racks upon racks of trolleys. On the left side of the depot is a set of stairs which lead up to the managers office. Guests enter into the office with a large desk with several trolley designs and a small lantern on the side, still glowing. On the right wall, there are several painting of the managers of the trolley depot which are 5 in total, a large map of the United States is on the back wall and a small telescope is on a stand to look out of the large glass window that is on the roof. Around the depot are several clues to the history of the depot, a hammer and a cup of screws show work on a broken down trolley and some paint cans next to wall which has a half painted mural about the cultural significance of the city.


Once past the trolley depot, a 2 story building with a balcony and paintings all over the walls beacons guests in. Inside of the building is an artist shop where local and global artists can show their artistic prowess. Inside of the several rooms are painting, sculptures, and murals that can be seen and presented. There is also artistic furniture such as a sofa that appears to have paint splashed all over it. One room is dedicated to sculptures with the center piece being a custom sculpture of Walt Disney in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. The walls are covered in murals that showcase the culture of New Orleans, of course there is also some Disney murals too. At the front desk you can purchase a painting if guests so choose, a cast member will follow guests to the painting you wanted to purchase and can either be shipped to your place of residence or can be taken right now.

Once past the artist shop, guests come upon a florist shop and a small bakery. To the right is the florist shop with plants hanging from the railings and vines growing on the walls. Guests go through 2 French doors with vines on them, once inside the store is filled with plants. There are hanging plants of all species from the ceiling, vines covering the windows making the room a bit dim, and several stands that have a variety of different plants. These plants can be purchased and can either be shipped to your residence or taken right now. The other half of the store is a gift shop which sells New Orleans and Princess and the Frog merchandise which are either on top of wooden shelves or hung up on metal hangers. The room itself is a wood built room with a big desk where the cashiers are, there is a large flag on the wall which is the Louisiana state flag.

To the right is a authentic Louisiana bakery that sells some of the best bread you can get in the magic kingdom. Guests walk through doors and enter into a large room with wooden banisters and arch’s, to the right is a cashier spot where you can purchase your bread beside it is also a large glass cylinder than holds many delectable bread delights. Around the room is also many small cylinders that have even more unique treats with cast members near by if guests wish to purchase them. Also something to mention is that all the bread is locally sourced and made by the locals of both Florida and Louisiana. In a corner of the room is a book where guests can read many different bread recipes and a large TV that shows tutorials on how to make them. In another room is a large kitchen where guests can watch chefs cook their own unique bread types and versions. Another room holds a small gift shop where guests can purchase some more Disney merchandise.

Guests go past the bakery and florist and enter into a small market area. This market area holds 3 stores that sells traditional Disney merchandise and souvenirs. The first one is an emporium where you can buy all sorts of different stuff. Guests enter the store from gold finished double doors, the wooden shelves are littered with different forms of merchandise from T-Shirts to plushies of characters from Princess and the Frog. The room itself is made out of concrete with wood banisters and beam, a large wooden cashier desk is at the very back of the store. The second store is a general store where you can purchase a huge sort of knickknacks from the city of New Orleans. Inside it the shop is 2 large concrete built rooms with shelves that hold several different types of items for everyday use. A highlight of the shop is in the very back where there is a shelf full of many different types of spices from all over the world but most of them coming from the south. A small room in the back holds a small map room with a whole slew of different maps showing the world, the main map is a layout of New Orleans. In the very center of the market place is a small, open air store where you can purchase T-Shirts and small souvenirs. Guests can occasionally see the residents of New Orleans on top of the balcony’s and a jazz band playing almost all the time in this area.


Once leaving the marketplace, a grand restaurant stands before guests. This is Tiana’s Palace, a sit down restaurant that offers authentic Louisiana food and gives you great views of the land. Guests go through 2 grand double doors where they enter into a large foyer with 2 grand staircases flaking the front desk. You can either make a reservation or wait until a table is ready. Once a table is ready guests can either be seated on the bottom floor, the second floor or the balcony at the front of the restaurant. On the first floor, there is about 30 tables that seat 4, 20 tables that seat 6, and 10 tables that seat 10. The tables themselves are gold finished with a green/ yellow table clothes and the chairs are really comfy with them being gold colored and green cushions on the bottom. At the very back on the restaurant is a large stage where jazz bands with play for guests, there are gold colored drapes behind the stage and small speakers hidden in the stage so that people even all the way at the back can hear it. On the second floor are 25 tables that seat 4 and 15 tables that seat 6, this floor gives you a better view of the stage and the sun roof on the ceiling. There are also dim lanterns on the walls that are yellow and red colored. The 3rd option to be seated is the balcony, guests go through 2 double doors and are met with a small balcony with only 8 tables that seat 4 so yeah you are going to be waiting a while if you want to eat on the balcony. The balcony is the best of the 3, the reason why is that it gives you a picture perfect view of the land. The menu mainly includes authentic Louisiana food and some traditional southern food.

Guests cross a wooden bridge and enter into a small courtyard with the museum of art looming over the area. Outside of the museum is a small music museum that showcases the different types of music of New Orleans. Guests enter into the open air museum and see the first room of the museum which is Jazz. All around the room are newspapers clippings and jazz instruments showcase the history of jazz. There is a stage that will occasionally be occupied by jazz musicians and the room itself is similar to speakeasy with a large stage at the back of the room. The next room is the blues, with the room itself being colored……………blue (hahahaha I’m very funny). Just like the jazz room there are several things inside of the room showcase the history of the blues, a large stage at the center of the room can be a place where guests can play different instruments, of course a cast member would be nearby so that nobody steals any instruments. The next room is rap, the room itself is designed as a soundstage with a booth at the back where up and coming rappers can try to make their own rap songs. The last room is a general music museum where every other genre of music is represented.


Looming over the courtyard is the art museum of New Orleans the facade of Down In New Orleans, a trackless dark ride. The ride is about the city of New Orleans. Guests walk up a small flight of stone stairs and walk past the columns of the building and enter into 2 large doors. Guests enter into the all white greeting room of the museum with the marble front desk, vibrant painting over the first and second floor walls, marble columns holding up the second floor with all white railings, a large sun roof, and a grand staircase that leads to the second floor. Guests walk past the staircase and enter into the next room through double doors. The next room is a large red room with colorful grand painting with a large glass case on top of a marble counter that has an ancient artifact inside of it. Guests walk past the artifact and enter the next room through a golden doorway, leaving the artifacts and painting of the past behind. Guests enter into an all white room through a grey doorway, the room has several paintings and a weird looking sculpture on top of a counter. Once leaving the room behind we enter into a grey room with, yes, even more paintings and a large seat where guests can take a rest from the walk. Guests enter into an all white garage where there are many antique cars from the 20s and 30s, this room is also the loading station where guests enter into 1920s antique cars where guests begin their journey.

Scene 1: Mardi Gras: Guests enter into the vibrant city of New Orleans during Mardi Gras, vehicles drive down a narrow street as guests see a projection effect of a parade going through the city. The vehicles turn right as decorations are covering the streets and fireworks are going off above guests, coloring the light with green and purple. Guests turn left and enter into a main road where a large green and purple float with slow moving figures on top of the float go past us. Another projection effect shows a band going down the streets of the city, they are holding all sorts of instruments such as trumpets and trombones. Guests enter into a tunnel where vehicles enter the bayou.

Scene 2: The Bayou: After leaving the tunnel vehicles enter the bayou. Vehicles go down a small dirt road where animatronic gators quickly snap at guests, further down the road are 2 gators that are currently getting their mouth cleaned by some birds. If guests look fast enough they can see Disneylands version of the Haunted Mansion in the background, surrounding by a deep swamp rainforest. The vehicles go further down the road and a rundown crawfish factory is in the distance, covered by rust and Mother Nature. Vehicles enter into another tunnel where they enter the docks on New Orleans.

Scene 3: The Docks: Guests leave tunnel and enter the docks of New Orleans. Vehicles travel down the wooden docks and see tens of boats that appear to be ready to cast off and go out to the open ocean. Speaking of open ocean, a projection effect shows many boats out in the distance presumably fishing. The vehicles go past a kitchen where there is an animatronic chef cooking up some food for hungry guests. Guests see a boat lifting up a net filled with crab and fish, the boat puts down the net on top of a large platform. Guests enter onto a large road where we enter the next scene.

Scene 4: Music Concert: Vehicles enter into a large field where we see many families sitting down having a picnic on this sunny day. Once night comes we see many flashing lights and loud music coming from an area where a large stage is coming from. On top of the stage is a big band jazz band to showcase the history of New Orleans as the birthplace of jazz. Guests see the band using their instruments such as a person wearing a hat playing a piano and a tall lanky man playing the trombone. We see the crowd bouncing up and down to the music as the song Sing, Sing, Sing plays (My favorite big band song) as the vehicles bounces too the beat and enters into another large field.

Scene 5: Art Showcase: Once guests enter into a large field, they see an art showcase in front of vehicles. Vehicles go through rows upon rows of art pieces ranging from recreations of past art pieces to entirely new art pieces created by new up and coming artists. A small stage shows 2 people showing onlookers art pieces that they can purchase. Another field shows animatronics painting new art pieces from all backgrounds. Some have just started painting while some are in progress and some are completely finished.


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Oooooo, great job Fozz!

I don't know how I missed this one. I've been really busy lately with projects. There's some great detail in this one. As always I love the maps and the descriptions. Is this an alternative for "Beyond Big Thunder"? I love how the river separates New Orleans and Frontierland, great idea. Disney doesn't seem to be doing that enough with Tiana's Bayou and Big Thunder.

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