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Rumor New nighttime show at Epcot


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Is it bad that my current standard for a decent implementation of Disney IP with Educational Values is “It’s Tough to Be a Bug”?

I fail to think of a better example with the potential exception of Wild About Safety.
I thought Avatar's transparency with conservation was pretty neat, it wasn't exactly the biggest aspect of the land, but it's there if you dig deep enough in the land.


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I have faith in the youth of America.
I do too. Now the current teens and early 20 somethings? Anywho ... but they've yet to make it clear they know what they want Epcot to be besides IP everywhere, which somehow makes it more timeless, family friendly, classic Disney ... so it's a lot of lip service. They seem to have zero idea what they want Future World/Epcot or even Tomorrowland to be. And if they know, I'd like them to express it instead of the vague concept art, the vague promises ...

Cesar R M

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Why do you hate Africa, Italy, and Canada?

Here was mine:

Three Caballeros
Ice Cutters' Song
I Can Make a Man Out of You
Circle of Life
Dwarfs Yodel Song
Belle Note
Colors of the Wind
Compass of Your Heart (in Japanese)
Prince Ali
Tale As Old As Time
Feed the Birds
Great Spirits
It's a Small World
Why three caballeros?
to push the animation show?
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