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Rumor New nighttime show at Epcot


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I truly hope they don't turn illuminations (or its replacement) into yet another "tribute to the beloved characters of Disney" show which typically are completely vapid and are characterized by an incoherent romp through low resolution vignettes based on wide ranging IP or characters Disney owns that according to their own much vaunted but usually ignored "canon" rules should never appear together.
They've never fully broken the canon rules with these newer montage anything goes montage shows because characters from different things never truly interact. Like Happily Ever After is edited in the manner of an old YouTube AMV, not one of those weird shippy YouTube videos where people After-Effects the ever living hell out of movies to make their crackships happen.


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EO took place in the Imagination pavilion. It was part of a larger, overall idea and theme. They didn’t rip out one pavilion to build the Captain EO pavilion.
But they DID replace HISTA with it, and that was a minor crime...

Cesar R M

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I completely agree, and am NOT on board with Guardians in Epcot, but I can’t help but wonder how Captain EO is any different.
Tech? (4d Theater).
Imagination, Inspiration? ( musical, michael jackson, space )
Power? (the combination of actors, singers, directors making a huge "tech" movie like this)

But I agree, its an extremely loose fit.

Without air conditioning, people couldn't live in Florida. And it illustrates that not everybody who wants to help you has your best interests at heart.
.... what?

The music is great. And it inspires younger kids to want to explore space.


The Empress Lilly

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EO was slightly too pop culture, too hip, too celeb obsessed for EPCOT. It was a product of Eisner's complete disrespect for EPCOT.

Although EO gets a bit of a pass for simply being the 3D movie in the Imagination pavilion, back when the tech of that was more central too. The premise is not much more than to show that with technology there is no limit to your imagination. Or is that the other way round. Journey into Imagination, Magic Journeys, and EO's space journey (they couldn't work Journey into the name? Cohesion people, tsk!) are flights of fancy. Trippy trips. The ride shows how imagination is at the, yes, heart of all creation. The movie then shows one product of that. As such any little Alice in Wonderland-like trip through imagination running wild fits.
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The Empress Lilly

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Who does the music for the new show?

After a few views, I now think it is the music that lets RoL down. Whereas it is the music is that makes RoE .

Actually, who am I kidding. The usual mix of IP soundtracks (Rat's accordeon theme, a Poppins song), Let it Go mixed in for good measure, Coco's Remember Me as emotional highlight and two minutes of non-IP upbeat symphonic electronic music because this is EPCOT.

I'm going to see IllumiNations every evening of my next trip and then write this one off too. :'(


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Yes, EO was either side of HISTA. The tribute actually ran for five years.

Yeah, the words "briefly ran" can only be applied to Disney's skewed view of the space time continuum. Because HALF A DECADE is considered brief in their collective consciousness.

EO staying as long as it did at DL and Wdw was purely a cost saving move and an easy people eater while they came up with something new.

That something new still remains to be seen, sigh.


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It is interesting that EO was accepted .... I never thought it fit, IMO. Not that I didn't like it.

Then again, the Imagination pavilion and the Magic Eye theater never housed anything that was thematically relevant to the idea of "Future World." Magic and Sci-Fi and Fantasy and Cartoon Characters... doesn't scream the near future.


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Any chance they might push Epcot’s closing time back and use the new show as a draw to keep people there longer/get more people out of the studios?


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Any chance they might push Epcot’s closing time back and use the new show as a draw to keep people there longer/get more people out of the studios?
One could see them doing that, but it seems right now that Disney is set on having shows end near the same time.

Illuminations and HEA end at about the same time, 9:14pm.
Rivers of Light (first show) and Fantasmic have end at about the same time of 9:00pm

The way DHS entertainment works is that you have Fantasmic at 8:30 and that ends right around 9pm. You have Disney Movie Magic at 8:55 to about 9:05 and then Star Wars' fireworks at 9:15 to 9:30pm. Right now Disney is banking on both Movie Magic and Star Wars to keep guests in DHS till 9:30.


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Yup, should be, if not midnight. You have to wonder once Rat is open in France and whatever happens in the UK, would they extend hours?

Agreed. I thought about midnight after I posted 11pm. It really should be. People would hands down prefer spending a few more hours in World Showcase than being herded out like cattle promptly at 9pm (aside from EMH, of course). And they really should extend the hours, but I think we know the answer ... lol

And this isn't necessarily the place for it but I look at the times guides weekly when Orlando Theme Park News posts them, and so many entertainment options and character greetings and even shows, close up shop by 6/7pm. When Animal Kingdom is open until 11, why are most things shut down at 6? They actually do a better job than the other parks, but just interesting to note. I get some areas aren't suitable for entertainment or characters at night, but I think they could really improve on this. Especially when certain acts don't start until noon or 1pm. (My main problem is the other three parks, but even then, with AK open til 11, why shut down most things at dark? I WANT more entertainment at night)

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