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New music coming to Canada - Bodh’aktan


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This is awesome! They're like a French Canadian Dropkick Murphys.


I've seen them in Quebec and Montreal a few times, maybe even once in Toronto but I can't remember that night very well :hungover:. This is really a step up in entertainment for Disney. Actually a decent "B" list act with a following.

Can't wait. I'll be there second week of October for 15 days. Should be able to catch them multiple times.


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As soon as someone finds the dates for October please post them here, DW and I will be there 10/22-10/25 for some Food & Wine shennanigans!

Master Yoda

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As I think I once heard someone say, "Let it go, Let it go!"

In all seriousness, I was a HUGE Off Kilter fan but that ship has sailed, time to move on AND this band sounds REALLY GOOD!
I moved on quite a while ago as well. I am just enjoying a bit of schadenfreude since Disney replaced such a popular band to save a buck and has yet to get a replacement that has stuck.


Snore, looks like Lumberjacks revisited with acordians??? Drunks drinking and throwing up around the world ought to love them


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As soon as someone finds the dates for October please post them here, DW and I will be there 10/22-10/25 for some Food & Wine shennanigans!
Me too!!! I am coming down on 10/23 for a four day work conference in Championsgate and will have three nights off. Based on what I have just heard, I will definitely go see their shows at least two of the days. Family then flies in to join me on 10/27 and spend a few days at Coronado Springs and the parks.


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So can we assume the Canadian Holiday Voyageurs will be back for the November December timeframe? Would have loved to see the new band... grrrr Our next trip 11/5-11/13


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It's being reported that the Celtic rock band Bodh'aktan is coming to the O'Canada pavilion for a VERY limited engagement, 20 days in October and 20 days in January.
Can't find the dates yet, but the music sounds AWESOME!!
You answered your own question


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Now being reported that they will be starting on the 9th of October. Previously reported that they will be playing 5 days a week.


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Now THIS is awesome. And it's about time. Although Epcots dwindling entertainment is a big part of why we didn't renew our AP's so I'll be enjoying via YouTube I guess.

That said, those of us that have seen Off Kilter outside of their former Disney habitat know they can totally hold their own as well. Off Kilter can seriously rock! So I'll be curious to see what kind of restrictions, if any, Disney puts on this band.


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Loving the music. I think everything about them is great. The music is great, their look is good! Hope they last, I'd love to see them.

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