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New Movies Coming Soon...


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I just returned from Epcot where thay were hosting the annual Disneyana convention, and other things to go with it. Among those was The Walt Disney Company Showcase. This was setup with booth from various TWDC outlets such as Disney on Ice, Disney Cruise Line, and The Disney Channel, etc... However one booth was from Buena Vista Pictures and had information on new movies! I can't remember the dates (2002,2003,2004) but the new movies that are in production now are:

Treasure Planet(Animated)
The Haunted Mansion(Live-action)
The Pirates of the Caribbean(Live-action)
Lion King 1 1/2 : Hakuna Matata(Animated)
The Jungle Book 2(Animated)
Piglet's Big Movie(Animated)

The HM and POTC movies are based on the plots of the rides: a sailor( i think) leaves his bride at the alter and hanges himself, and haunts his mansion; and a gang of pirates sack the Spanish main( yo-ho, yo-ho). Supposedly half of the jokes in The Lion King were written to setup for this second movie so, it looks like we may have a few new reasons to go to the theatres soon...


If anyone is interested:D The Buzz Bin at movies.com has a link to spoilers for the POTC movie.... if this is all true, it sounds great:sohappy:


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Re: New (?????) Movies Coming Soon...

Originally posted by stale32441
Lion King 1 1/2 : Hakuna Matata(Animated)
The Jungle Book 2(Animated)
Piglet's Big Movie(Animated)

More spin-offs / sequels - nice to see some new films coming out though.


Maleante Izquierdozo
I actually don't mind the idea of Piglet's Big Movie, since in reality, the entire Pooh Series (save for the first one) are about the only worthy sequels produced by Disney (NOT COUNTING PIXAR!)

but then again, I've also known about this movie for at least a month, and already have 1 promotional item for it (a photo sleeve, from Disney Consumer Products, Canada)


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they're still going with HM? i thought to, well, coin a phrase, i thought it was dead!!! last news i ever heard from it was that murphy was signed to be in it. god...should have learned from Bears...rides don't make good movies unless they're based entirely on the ride!!!!:fork:


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Instead of Sailor, I think it should be TAILOR!!! In the unofficial guide they have the ride description, and they said a tailor.

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