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New look Marie now appearing at MK


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Glad they *finally* got her new look in WDW! It is sooo much better than the old... just wonder why it took almost a year?! When WDW debuts a new look character all the other resorts have to fall in line very quickly or they will have restrictions on the use of that character.


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So much better! (And still so cute.) :)


Fable McCloud

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I think there are higher priority characters that could use some fixing up, and some that could benefit from being out in the parks. Also, why not her adorable brothers?


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She had her make over so that she would match her two brothers Berlioz and Toulouse both of whom made their debut at Disneyland Paris last Valentines Day along with the new look Marie as part of a "Be My Valentine" event. They also all appear in the Happiness is Here parade which debuted in Tokyo for its 30th Anniversary last spring. As to why them... while they may not be as popular in the US, Marie (and the Aristocats) are very popular in Paris (probably because they are French) and also in Tokyo.

Not sure why it took WDW so long to get the new look Marie as DLP had her last Feb, Tokyo had her in March/April, and Disneyland had her last summer.


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I love Marie and the Aristocats - but when we saw her I couldn't help but think she such a random choice to have in the front of the MK. She's not really a "headliner" if you get what I'm saying. I heard many guests and their children saying "ohhh a cat!"

I'm glad she's there, don't get me wrong, but it just seems odd. Especially because when we saw her she was with Snow White, which seems so much more of a Disney front-runner. I wonder what made them choose Marie over so many other older non- princess/fab five character. Why Marie over Thomas O'Mally?

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