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The ride itself was a great improvement over the last. Im too young to remember the origional, but compared to the old monstrosity it is a big difference!


The ride was just okay. I didn't care for the sight lab. You can smell the smell lab way before getting there. (not like the burning of Rome in Spaceship Earth.) They could have done a touch lab and I am still not sure why we see Figmets house upside down. It does have some really neat qualities. It should have been in 3-d like Spider-man.

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They just wanted to reuse the whole upside-down theme. It was probably the "climax" of the old ride...

I don't think I'm going to like it that much. I wanted Lorages in the Smell Lab!!! :cry: :cry:

They repainted Figment's Space Suit, too!

Overall, it looks like a, pardon my language, Universal attraction - like the Cat in the Hat. The theme is somewhat tacky (Institute), and they just butter it up with a "brand new kind of Figment"...

Seriously, I still don't think it works out... :(


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I couldn't agree with you more, GrizzlyHall. While it's great to see Figment back, last summer when I went on the horrific redo I was blown away by how tacky and oxymoronic the whole "Imagination Institute" thing is. It takes such a wonderful concept and just puts it in this box for the sake of "science".

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