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New Hope for Indy Themed Land at the Studios?


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Give me anything Indy and ill be happy.

Clone the Disneyland ride...or clone the coaster from Paris...or give me a completely revamped show...or give me an elaborate meet n greet and restaurant.

Or...give me something completely new and exciting...
Well, they did give you a restaurant at Disney Springs, so you can check that off of your list.


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Boy, I hope something comes from this. I've always been clamoring for more Indy in the parks, as he is my favorite character. I think the boat ride route would be the best option. Give him the Jack Sparrow treatment from POTC and the street performers. I'd love to take a boat ride through a temple where Indy is trying to get some priceless object. Maybe they could incorporate the riders somehow to help him achieve his goal. I'd love it.


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I'd really like Indy in the Animal Kingdom; as it would be a great fit.
Can't see that one happening though, as that park is getting plenty of new stuff already.
I can imagine another Epcot transformation of Morocco pavillion into Indiana Jones.

And that is why we can't have nice things...the very idea of shoehorning IP into world showcase any further is flat out stupid when you consider all the other places and three theme parks that could use them. Apparently the memo was missed by countless fans and idiot executives that stated that world showcase was to "showcase" the customs,culture, and heritage of the countries represented. And while Epcot ain't what it used to be, it is a theme and story unto itself that is being destroyed with this bastardization and cheap shoehorning that, scarily enough, could become the new norm...one which makes me feel sick...
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