New HitchHiking Ghosts Coming to WDW


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It does look amazing. I loved the head swaping between the ghost and the guest. Great technology and what an awesome upgrade.

Thank you Imagineering!

That was absolutely unreal. And to think it's probably 1,000,000 times better in person. I am definitely excited to see this!


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My apologies if this has already been brought up, but I haven't read the entire thread.

I noticed a few people are questioning why money was spent upgrading HM when other rides desperately need attention. I would guess it has something to do with the upcoming Haunted Mansion movie they announced this summer. If the movie is anywhere near as successful as the POTC movies, I'd imagine they'd rather have an updated flashy ride ready to go, rather than closing for refurb after the movie is released.

Just a thought...

It likely has more to do with it being amongst every Imagineer's favorite attraction, they all want to put their own stamp on it.


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"Adamant" is a bit of a stretch, looking back over the thread. The guy made a single one-sentence post shooting down the rumor, then followed it up with a few more saying he'd look into it. I don't think he's even posted in here since.

It sounds like his initial reaction was mistaken, and he quickly backed off it. No need to make this a personal thing. :shrug:

Whoa, whoa. I'm asking a question. I just started reading this thread from the beginning and I remember his post. I'm just asking. I wanna know what to tell my kids. Sheesh.



I see comments on the new HHG which are beautiful but have you seen the ring they added to the new queue into the concrete.
I'm sure most of you guys know but thought I'd document it on the discussion.

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I haven't had a chance to read back to through all of the comments but I wanted to congratulate Rum Pirate for showing us that some rumors have truth to them and that we all need to be a little slower in attacking any mention of changes that haven't been 'cleared' by certain members.

The changes are fantastic!

Many Thanks WorldKey, Much appreciated


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Whoa, whoa. I'm asking a question. I just started reading this thread from the beginning and I remember his post. I'm just asking. I wanna know what to tell my kids. Sheesh.

The hitchhiking ghost scene is indeed changed, as you can see. Raven's initial reaction turned out to be incorrect. We have many changes, as the video makes clear.


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Oh good, a playground, a scavenger hunt, and cartoon hitchhiking ghosts. For awhile there I was worried Haunted Mansion was becoming more of a kiddie ride!

I was just there this weekend and thought the changes were great. If you can find fault with these changes then maybe six flags is more your speed.


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Saw the new hitch-hiking ghosts last night as well as finally seeing the finished new queue.

The new hitch-hiking ghost effect is really good, though I think theres a little room for improvement. My only real suggestion would be to make them a little more transparent, so they would look less like projections and more like ghosts. They're almost solid.

Everything else about the Mansion ride through seemed like it has been tuned up recently. I felt like I was on a brand new ride!

As for the queue, still not to keen on it, ignoring my previous posts about how it messes up the flow of the attraction. I think it would have been better to apply these touches throughout the existing queue, not cram it all into one area.

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