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News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.


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On failures, found this interesting but quite long and detailed report on ski lift inspection and maintenance:

It's quite detailed and scholarly, so I don't know whether I'm reading it right, but Table 33 on p. 43 says MTBF for sheave wheels is 25 days, and for Bolts & Connections is 29 days. Does that mean each and every sheave wheel and bolt typically needs to be replaced every 25 or 29 days respectively, or do you think that's 1 failure for any wheel or bolt on the entire line?
That's what it says, although that seems pretty short to me.
Can't be for individual components. System-wide, it makes sense, though, which is why the paper argues for more frequent inspection intervals.


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How long till they take the tarps off?
I would assume the tarps won't come off until right before they open it.
The same wraps that new cars are transported in.
My guess is that tarp removal will be an over-night situation.
Now here’s one heckuva idea - The Mouse loves up-charge experiences right?

Think of the satisfaction you get peeling the protective film off of a new phone, tv screen, or other appliance.

For a small mousetastic fee YOU get to peel the protective film off of an entire gondola car! Oh, and you get a cupcake too.

Disney gets actual work done AND makes money instead of paying labor hours.

Come on TDO, don’t leave me hanging on this skyliner idea!

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There are towers on the Disney line that are painted, just not many of them.
I'm aware. Was just attempting to shed some humor on the fact the vast majority of them are galvanized steel as opposed to being painted. Painted was obviously doable, and deemed worthy of the cost in some areas, and was deemed to be not worth the cost in other areas. I'm of the opinion the cost to paint all of them would have been worth it for the improved aesthetics.
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There is some space to expand the Boardwalk between IG and BW if Disney wanted to make it into Springs Jnr around there. I suspect the returns are better from continuing to add restaurants inside Epcot though. Japan and WS Space restaurant won't be the last additions: even if it needs a new land to make the space for more dining.


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Plus some barriers, storage boxes, and a bucket and pipe threading unit. The cinder blocks are actually weighing down the construction wall. They get some big winds in Florida from time to time.

Sorry I posted that before I saw the other posts with item listing.
It was just a lame attempt to contribute.:D
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