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News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.


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For those familiar with other gondola systems, how complicated can they get? I guess I'm wondering if there's a network of gondolas somewhere that show (like with a subway system) a variety of separate lines with shared junction stations for transfer. Are there cities (or resorts) that have multiple interconnected lines?

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Once complete can this be expanded? I wouldn't be shocked to see this go to Disney springs and other Epcot area resorts in the future.
I was told serval years ago that Disney wants to reduce the use of buses on property by about half. I think this system is just the first step in adding new transpiration system to Walt Disney World. Something is going to have to connect Disney Springs to the parks if Disney is really planning to reduce the use of buses.


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I doubt we'll see Monorail expansion in WDW again.
Moped lanes? Rickshaws? Hadron particle accelerator?

Seriously though, how about a train? I always thought that would be a good way to connect the far away DAK and lodge/DVC to the main part of the greater resort. Something about a train a DAK always seemed to match up well to me for some reason.
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