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News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.


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The walk from Boardwalk to DHS is about 0.8 mi. But how many guests choose to walk rather than ride? I think a relatively small fraction.

Asking guests to walk a mile to get just to the entrance of a park would not make them happy. That's not free theme park transportation.
A lot of people walk like my family. I see them on the path. Especially at park open and close.

What’s another 1500 steps when you are hitting 30k/day?

Being able to walk somewhere from AKL would make me willing to book there. I won’t right now because of the buses.

Magic Feather

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I'm not convinced it's practical as property-wide transit.
Because it’s not. Disney knows that at this point too. The determination seems to be that any gondola that would run longer than the Epcot line would likely be too long.

Personal guess: the next major transportation infrastructure will either be something to tie in Coronado, or the “length of the property” transit THATS been talked about forever. I’d expect neither to happen within the next few years.


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The EPCOT line's "problem" is having Riviera in the middle with no dedicated spot off the line, hence ECVs and the like to force the line to slow.

Disney gets a lot of "bang for the buck" with the existing system servicing two parks, two huge values, a huge moderate, and a DVC resort. It's easier to put that cost into the many rooms and two parks kor however it's allocated. The Port Orleans, SSR, OKW resort cluster only gets enough combined rooms to about what POP and AoA give, and maybe it only links to EPCOT? Seems like a more expensive proposition with way less benefit to Disney. The All Stars + Coronado + AK would be a lot with little park payoff that it seems unlikely too.

Anyway, yes I saw multiple parties boarded together. EPCOT station has also begun using the station switchbacks with no plastic barrier. They had been not using the switchbacks because of physical distancing (and no barriers) but the decision to start boarding multiple parties together made avoiding switchbacks foolhardy. I think we'll also soon see shaded switchbacks reopened on attractions that previously only partially used, and this will soon help pull people back into normal queues and out of extended queues that extended far past entrances and into the blazing heat.

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